Customer & Digital Journeys

Let’s go on a (Digital) Journey

Because unless you know which paths your customers are taking, how can you lay the breadcrumbs?

Customer & Digital Journeys

Your customers start with a need, whether a problem “my washing machine has broken down” an idea “this will make my kitchen look great” or a goal “where can I get the best return for my savings”. They then set off to explore and evaluate the options available to them before deciding which offering best meets their needs.

In fact, you’re currently undertaking a similar journey to find your ideal market research partner. Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

Headroom provides a holistic view of the purchase process to diagnose how well a brand is engaging consumers at each touchpoint and to give a clear and concise recommendation of how to boost brand consideration and therefore sales across the way. We use a variety of approaches to capture the journey with data sources merged to achieve a complete picture.

We can tell you:

  • Which messages will drive initial brand consideration
  • Which touchpoints to target for an optimal media plan to maximise ROI
  • Which key messages will build brand consideration at each touchpoint
  • How to make it easy for customers, overcome frustrations and prevent lost sales

Contact us to map your customers’ journeys and we’ll tell you how to lead them right through your door


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